Lexus Inspired by Nike Sneakers

Lexus Inspired by Nike Sneakers

Lexus and Nike, do they get along together? No, right! But you will be surprised by the news that the Lexus’s automaker joins hands with the designer John Elliot to create tires for the luxury car that resemble the sneakers by Nike. The automaker wants tires like the white on white Air Force 1 sneakers for its Lexus. The tires were revealed initially at the Elliott’s New York Fashion Week after party. They were known as the “Sole of the UX”.

The luxury car used it’s UX crossover as a canvas for the designer tires. The tires were double stitched in leather and had a metal air valve that resembled Nike’s metal lace tips. The tires are known as new shoes by many car lovers. The car has some minor changes to it like the black wheel arch is white and the side mirrors are white as well. There is a John Elliott badge on the lower rear quarter of the car, so that it is obvious that who worked on the project. However, this is not the first time that an auto industry has collaborated with a fashion industry. The Versace Fashion House was in the news recently for its collection at Milan Fashion Week. It launched a men’s clothing line with collaboration with Ford logos. Also, the Porsche collaborated with PUMA to launch a line of sportswear.

In a statement, Elliot said that it was fun to partner with such brands that are outside of the fashion industry as it gives designers an opportunity to evolve and push out of the boundaries. Elliot is a California native that founded the streetwear design firm named after himself.

However, Lexus and its unique shoes won’t be available for sale. The car itself and the tires share recognizable characteristics such as the Nike swoosh, faux white pebbled leather and the matching embossed detail. This was the first Lexus UX designed and engineered for the city. The automobile’s vice president marketing said in a statement that they wanted to push the concept even further by creating an ultimate homage to urban style therefore they made tires inspired by classic and street style sneakers.

There are numerous ways by which companies convince the youth to purchase and own their cars. Often companies are seen showing ads of a group of young and enthusiastic people driving cars but still the young generation prefer buying a second-hand car instead. Similarly, John Elliott’s collaboration with Nike will make headlines. The all white tyres are not practical to drive with around the city but still it is making headlines and is catching the attention of automobile lovers. Well, this is not the first time that the Lexus UX has tried to market itself.